New Democrat Opposition Caucus proposes solutions to housing affordability crisis

VICTORIA – While the B.C. Liberal government continues to neglect young families who can’t afford to buy a home, New Democrats have introduced two measures that would start to address the housing crisis head on.

“If you work hard, you should be able to afford a reasonable place to live and raise a family,” said B.C. New Democrat leader John Horgan. “At an Emergency Housing Town Hall meeting in Vancouver Wednesday, I heard from a packed room full of hundreds of people who feel like their government doesn’t care about the impact the housing crisis is having on their families and the communities they love.”

Abbotsford Farmworkers’ Memorial and Farmworker Safety

Last Sunday families and friends gathered in Abbotsford to remember three workers, Sarabjit Sidhu, Amarjit Bal and Sukhwinder Punia, who were killed in a van accident on March 7, 2007. The van was driven dangerously by the van’s owner, a labour contractor, who did not have a proper driver’s licence.

Honouring Olympic Medallist Balbir Singh

It gives me great pleasure and honour to speak about an unsung hero and a forgotten legend. Mr. Balbir Singh has won three Olympic gold medals in field hockey — the first, in 1948, in London, winning India’s first gold medal as a sovereign nation.

Volunteerism in Burnaby

Every year, the city of Burnaby has identified and recognized local heroes. These individuals are of diverse interests and backgrounds who give back to their community in a wide variety of ways. Examples of activities include volunteering for a local agency or a community school, coaching a local sports team or helping recent immigrants settle into the community. Their contribution to the community is over five years through a minimum of two activities.

Celebrating Harinder Mahil

Last Saturday our family and our friends got together to celebrate the 65th birthday of my very dear friend and brother-in-law, Harinder Mahil. Harinder came to Canada in 1970. He became very active in the IWA, International Woodworkers of America. Shortly after he joined the union he became the editor of the newspaper called Chipper. He was very active. When I came to Canada in 1973, he was the one who guided me, to teach me how to work in the Canadian labour movement, and he introduced me to many other friends.

Cultural Diversity and Community Organizations in Burnaby – Edmonds

I’m very proud to be living in Burnaby-Edmonds. Apart from its physical beauty, this community is very diverse. We speak more than 100 different languages and dialects in Burnaby-Edmonds. People in Burnaby-Edmonds, along with the businesses and the community organizations, do their best, working day in and day out, to keep it more vibrant and prosperous.I want to talk about two of the organizations in Burnaby-Edmonds today.