Volunteerism in Burnaby

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  • Every year, the city of Burnaby has identified and recognized local heroes. These individuals are of diverse interests and backgrounds who give back to their community in a wide variety of ways. Examples of activities include volunteering for a local agency or a community school, coaching a local sports team or helping recent immigrants settle into the community. Their contribution to the community is over five years through a minimum of two activities.
  • This year, the award recipients were George Doering, Janice Froese, Aliya Jiwa, Maureen Kirk, Lindy McQueen, Heather Podrow, Claire Stegen and Tony Wong. I am pleased to say that I had the honour to nominate two of these recipients, George and Lindy.
  • George Doering is an 84-year-old young man. He teaches workshops through the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of B.C., was a member of the New Vista Society executive for 18 years and has volunteered at my office for a decade. George has been a tireless advocate and volunteer all his life. He has been an instrumental member of the Burnaby-Edmonds community.
  • Lindy McQueen was nominated for her work in the community at Gordon Presbyterian Church. She recently founded an organization called Edmonds People in Community. In short, it’s known as EPIC. She has organized events like the Music in the Park and has been helping seniors to get community services when they need it.  I want to say thank you to all of them for their dedication, commitment and passion for keeping our community vibrant, safe and enjoyable for all.