Ending Gender-Based Violence

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An estimated 1,000 women are physically or sexually assaulted every week in BC. Today I take the pledge to do my part to help end gender-based and make our province safer for everyone. 

Whether it’s action to make B.C. more accessible, work to stop racism, initiatives aimed at improving women’s economic independence, or direct action to support people who experience gender-based violence, we are taking steps to make our province fairer and more equal for everyone.

Women who are financially independent are better able to protect themselves from gender-based violence, which is one of the reasons why our child care plan is so important. Making child care more accessible and affordable is an investment in ending domestic violence.

Be More Than a Bystander: https://endingviolence.org/prevention-programs/be-more-than-a-bystander/what-you-can-do-to-be-more-than-a-bystander/