Cultural Diversity and Community Organizations in Burnaby – Edmonds

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  • I’m very proud to be living in Burnaby-Edmonds. Apart from its physical beauty, this community is very diverse. We speak more than 100 different languages and dialects in Burnaby-Edmonds. People in Burnaby-Edmonds, along with the businesses and the community organizations, do their best, working day in and day out, to keep it more vibrant and prosperous.I want to talk about two of the organizations in Burnaby-Edmonds today.

  • One is called EPIC. It stands for Edmonds People in Community. This organization was formed in April 2013 under the leadership of Lindy McQueen. They have been working very hard and passionately to keep the community safe and also very clean.  Over the last two years EPIC has organized many events, such as community cleanups and also music in the park night. They have attracted many people to come together to share their culture. Also, many volunteers are coming along for the last two years, helping them.

  • The second organization I want to talk about is called KINA — Kingsway Imperial Neighbourhood Association. KINA was formed ten years ago. For the last ten years KINA, under the leadership of Diane Gillis, has been working with the small businesses in the community to make sure the community is safe and clean, and they have made such a great difference in the community.  They have brought communities together in that neighbourhood, and we are working wonderfully all together, and I am so proud of them. I wanted to say thank you to both of these organizations, and all the best.